W0FMS Two-Wire Beverage (SWA) Transformer Calculator
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AWG  gauge
Height above ground  feet
Wire Spacing  inches
Minimum Frequency  MHz 
AL of Ferrite  mH/1000 turns 
Primary impedance  Ohms 


New Primary (T1) Turns 
New Primary (T2) Turns 
New End Term Primary Turns (T3) 


Zoa ==  Ohms
Zot ==  Ohms
Ratio Zot/Zoa == 
Turns Ratio Zot == 
Turns Ratio Zoa == 
Minimum Primary Inductance (T1 & T2) ==   uH
Calculated Primary Inductance (T1) ==   uH
Calculated Primary Inductance (T2) ==   uH
Minimum End Term. Primary Inductance (T3) ==   uH
Calculated End Term. Inductance (T3) ==   uH
End Term. Primary Turns (T3) ==   
Primary Turns (T1) ==   
Primary Turns (T2) ==   
Zot Secondary Turns (T1) ==   
Zoa Secondary Turns (T2) ==   
Wire diameter   Inches

*Reference: Beverage Antenna Handbook, 3rd ed. W1WCR Vic Misek
Low-Band DXing Antennas, Equipment and Techniques for DXcitement on 160, 80 and 40 Meters, ON4UN John Devoldere