W0FMS JavaScript Axial-Mode Helix Antenna Calculator
JavaScript Implementation Written by Fred Spinner, W0FMS (C) Copyright 2000* Unlimited amateur radio use encouraged.

Enter Data in the following two columns, and
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Frequency  MHz
Number of Turns  Turns (5-35 Only are Valid)


 1 Wavelength Reflector = 

 Gain  dB

Circumference Inches
Diameter  Inches
Spacing Between Turns Inches
Length of Each Turn  Inches
Length of Wire Needed  Inches
 Antenna Length  Inches


Circumference cm
Diameter cm
Spacing Between Turns  cm
Length of Each Turn cm
Length of Wire Needed  cm
Antenna Length cm

*Based on the Basic Program by Bob Atkins, KA1GT

Chapter 9, page 9-49 through 9-51 of the
ARRL UHF/Microwave Experimenters Manual,
American Radio Relay League,
Newington, Connecticut, August 1990

Page Updated December 10, 2000 FMS